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Red Red Rose is the second book by C. Rowe-Myers and continues with the same exciting and unexpected twists that kept us on the edge as her first book Black Ice/Shadowed Road.  Borrowing the major character from Shadowed Road she weaves a murder mystery of unexpected means and ending.    Disillusioned, Detective Mallory, now transferred to East Texas, is faced with a perverted killer that has an original and beautiful way of expressing his dead victims.   Now added to this mix is Pagan Mallory, who feels she is capable of helping her uncle in his detection duties.  


Again we must delve this time into the mind of a serial killer with a petulance for rose petals and poetry.  Again C. Rowe-Myers leads us into twisted plot lines and twisted minds, with a unexpected and surprise finish.






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About the Author:



C. Rowe-Myers, the author, is a Texan born and bred in the Lone Star State.  An English/Drama teacher by profession, she received her M. A. from the University of Texas at Tyler.  As a teacher and professional speaker, she designed and implemented her own creative course as well as writing college sketches, which were performed on a local television station.  She decided to start writing seriously only within the last few years.  To talk with this happy and smiling blonde you wonder where she gets the inspiration for the somewhat noir and passionate books that she writes.  In a recent interview, we asked her the typical questions about her writing and inspiration to learn more about her.



Q.     What made you start writing seriously and why did  you wait until now to do so?

A.  Life offers so many opportunities and experiences that for a long time I was too distracted by the trip itself to take the time to write about it.  I began to write when the compulsion to write was too strong to do anything else but write.


Q.  I know this is a common question, but where do you get your ideas and plots, all of those that do not write are always curious as to where an author gets his inspiration?  Your ideas cover a broad spectrum of characters and situations


A.  Everywhere.  I read a lot and watch movies.  I never know when some tiny detail may make me see a subject or object in an entirely new light and an idea present itself.


Q. What made you decide to write in this genre?


A. I'm assuming that you mean the mystery genre.  Actually, I've been accused of obliterating genre lines, she laughs.  Mysteries have always fascinated me, but my real interest lies in the characters themselves.  Having a minor in psychology, studying and dissecting a person to explore their real feelings and motivation is a vital incentive in my writing.


Q. Many readers have comments about the many plot layers in your writing as well as the frequent twists and turns.  Do you outline your books before you start?


A. No.  I have the basic plot outline in my mind, but once the characters are introduced that often take over and write their own story.  I am sometimes as much in the dark as are my readers until the final scene is revealed.


Q.  Have you more surprises for the reader?  Are there other books on the go?


A. I have two more books written in this seriesThrough the Shadows and Shadows of Illusion and am working on the fourth.  The next two will go into publication as soon as they are polished and edited.  



It has been a pleasure to discuss your writing with you, and we will be looking forward to more reading excitement from you.

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